Family & Children’s Portrait Session FAQs


How long does the photo session take and how many pictures do you take?

-A Family or Children’s photo session takes approximately 30 minutes, we schedule groups of 9 or more for one hour and there is an additional fee.  You will have anywhere from about 30-50 images to select from. 


What types of backgrounds are used?

-Our studios have many different background options available and the photographer will coordinate them to compliment your clothing color and style.  We will use several different backgrounds in the photo session to give you a variety of looks to choose from.


What colors should we wear and can we be photographed in more than one outfit?

-We want your photographs to represent you so choose flattering clothes that fit well, have lots of texture and are in your favorite colors. In the studio we have lots of neutral and colorful backgrounds available to coordinate with your clothing, so go bold or classic.  Make sure you've thought about your look from head to toe. The photographer will take full length as well as close up pictures in the photo session. 

For groups we suggest you choose a color pallet and have everyone in the photo wear something in those colors.  Try to stay away from large or bold prints for group photos; you want everyone to blend nicely together. 

Our Photo sessions are generally 30 minutes long and you will be photographed in one outfit.  If you want to have an outfit change, please make sure to let us know when you schedule your appointment.  We will determine how much time is needed and give you a quote for the cost of an extended session.


What if I want my pictures taken outside?

-We photograph at several local parks in the spring, summer and fall.  See our website for dates and locations available.  Just let us know when you schedule your appointment if you want to be photographed in the studio or outdoor.

For pictures taken outside, neutral tones like black, navy, charcoal, cream and brown work well. Layering and clothing with texture is always great.


When will I be able to view the images from the photo session?

Generally we like you to view the images right after your photo session. At that time, you will select and pay for the portrait package of your choice. We will then upload your images to our Online viewing site so that you can go home, relax and make your selections over the next few weeks.   If you purchase a package with the digital images, we will email you a dropbox link that you can then download the images to your computer or phone. Orders are usually ready for pick up in about 2-3 weeks.


Is retouching included?

-Yes, a natural (not-over-the-top) retouch to the face is included on all images that you order prints from . We remove blemishes and soften facial lines.  Skin will look clear and nicely color corrected.  More extensive retouching is available for an additional fee.