School Photos – Taken at the school FAQs

If School Photos were taken today you have not purchased a package for your child, it's not too late.


Picture day is coming up, how can I pay for my child’s photos?

Prepay online:  You can prepay online up until Midnight on School Picture Day.  No need to send an order form or receipt with your child.

Cash or Check on picture day:  Fill out the order form that was sent home with your child and enclose cash or check. Make sure to send the order form with payment to school with your child on picture day, they will need to give it to the photographer.  If you have more than one student, make sure that you fill out an order form for each one of them and include payment in each envelope.  Please DO not put both payments in one envelope.

Please keep in mind it is best to prepay or pay for your child’s photo on picture day for best pricing.  The package prices are increased for purchases made after picture day.


What if I didn’t order pictures or my child forgot to turn in the order form on picture day?

Discounted Picture Day Packages will be available for a few more days - images are not available for viewing at this time. Follow these simple instructions to take advantage of the "Pre-Pay" pricing before your photos are available for viewing.

  • Go online to
  • Select School/Sports/Yearbooks
  • Select School & Sports Pre-Pay
  • Enter Key Word from your Price List order form (usually your School Name)
  • Select the Pre Pay Option and purchase a package at the discounted picture day prices
  • Pictures will be sent to the school with the rest of the Picture Day orders - approx. 3-4 weeks after picture day.


Can I view my child’s picture online and order?

To view your picture and order a Portrait Package; once the orders from picture day are processed and delivered to the school (approx. 3-4 weeks.) Students that did not order will receive a package with a “proof” of their photo and ordering instructions with an online order code. Please note that prices are slightly higher than those offered on picture day and a mailing fee is charged.

  • Go online to
  • Select School/Sports/Yearbooks
  • Select School & Sports Portraits 2016-2017 & 2017-2018
  • Enter your School Name or online Code that you were given on picture day
  • Follow the prompts
  • Orders will be mailed to your home in approximately 2 weeks


What if I lose my Code?

Wait until the picture packages are delivered to the school, approx 3-4 weeks after picture day. Your student will receive a packet with a "proof" of the school photo and online ordering instructions.


What background will be used?

Your schools background choice will be listed on the Picture Order form. 


Is retouching included?

Yes, we will automatically retouch all middle school and high school student pictures.  Skin tones will be smoothed out and acne will be removed.


Please Note: Once Pictures are posted online and available for viewing and ordering, the discounted Pre Pay option will no longer be available.


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